PS: Humanity


The Pollock Studios Mission is to create a better life for artists and creatives. In that mission we see many other parts of society yearning for a better life as well. We want to give back and pay it forward in as many ways as we can. 
That’s why 5% of the proceeds from all revenues into Pollock Studios goes back to humanity. Back to society. Back to people in need.
In the first 10 years of Pollock Studios LLC we have donated to and partnered with Planned Parenthood, The American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Stomp Out Bullying, Home Boy Industries, LA Mission for the homeless, Salvation Army, NKLA, People Loving Pets, Her Paws Foundation & more. 
Feel good about purchasing art from us or one of our consulting packages knowing 5% will be given back to help people, animals and other parts of society in need. 
One love. ❤️