About PS:


Please view our short bio video above for an exciting inside look into our Flagship Hollywood Location::   

At Pollock Studios (formerly Park Studios), we believe that all artists, musicians, and creative types are the fibers that form the bond of human life. It is art that inspires creation, and we think everyone should be able to create what they believe in.

The mission of Pollock Studios is to provide affordable access space for artists, photographers, videographers, and artists and creatives of all genres to create, produce, display, curate and SELL all types of art and media in an intimate setting.

The Pollock Studios team are producing everything from Photography and Video Productions to Gallery Exhibits, Fashions Shows, Live Music Showcases and more. Please like the facebook page by clicking the following link to get exclusive invites to our public and private events:: 


We also provide event production, management, logistics and security. 

We currently provide the Security and Event Direction for top 22 rated restaurant/bar/lounge in LA as well as expanding to Theia Miami in 2021


Pollock Studios is the producer of “Abbot Kinney Unplugged” an exclusive weekly live music showcase in Venice Beach  

PS: Team Members::

Bo Jackson Pollock (President-Curator-Head of Security)

Jade McDermott (Vice-President/Head of PS:Impact) 

Alex Frantz (CFO)

Andrew Davis (former CEO) 

Hendrix David Pollock (future CEO)

Lee Davis Pollock (consulting partner) 

Charles Ward (Creative Director) @tingzlife

Heather Roma (Co-Producer) @thewestsidecollective

Jessica Alley (Client/Curator/Co-Producer)

Jason Ferro (Co-Producer)

Chris Crash Carson (Co-Producer) 

Max Simon & Chef Moises Placencia (Business Partners)

Surf Relik Team: Danny Errico, Brigitte d'Annibale, Alex Lark, Devon Howard, Serena Lutton, John Welch,  Darren Brillhart, Brent Moon::
Maranda Rae Stelly (former Personal Assistant to BP)
Alice L. Walker (Media Consultant)
Alexis Wirth (Public Relations)
Brook Hauge (Public Relations)
Alexis Linkletter (Public Relations)
Herter Lou Sebastian (Graphic Designer/Producer)
Sean Pollock (Chief Consultant)
Courtney Jay Biebl (Fashion/Culture Director)
Lesa Turner (Co-Curator/Associate Producer)
Alyssa Baker (Music Director/Talent Buyer)
Mst Fair Misty Fairbanks (Sales Associate)
Jennifer Johnson (Associate Producer )
Megan Perry (Associate Producer)
Jade McDermott  former (Writer/Sales Associate)
Victoria Isabella Phillips (Executive Assistant)
Benjamin Ciaramello (Co-producer/Curator)
Jessica Alley (Artist/Client/Co-Producer)
Jesse Gurtis (Resident DJ)
DJ Val Fleuryy (Resident DJ)
Taylor Chung (Resident DJ)
Jordan Hood (Co-Producer)
Joshy Robertson (Co-Producer)
Andre Anderson (Co-Producer)
Steven Tyler (Client/Associate)
Rob Ciancimino (Client/Associate)
Janessa Molina (Client/Media Consultant)
Dean Zulich Photography (Artist/Client)
David Zayas Jr. (Artist/Client)
Danielle DeFoe (Artist/Client)
Camraface aka FotoFetish (Jennifer Rovero) (Artist/Client)
Ted Emmons (Artist/Client)
Patrick Hoelck (Artist/Client)
Jason Lee Parry (Artist/Client)
Andrew Kuykendall (Artist/Client)
Rowan Daly (Artist/Client)
Thrashbird Art (Artist/Client)
Charles Tingz Ward (Artist/Client)
Jeneane Grotewiel (Artist/Client)
Nichole McCall (Artist/Client)
Nadia Tyson (Artist/Client)
Edouard&Charles Campos (Artist/Client)
Gianni Arone (Artist/Client)
Angelina Christina (Artist/Client)
Sarah Sandin (Artist/Client)
Danny Steezy (Artist/Client)
Kelcy Fisher (Artist/Client)
Steph Johnson (Artist/Client)
Lindsey DeWitt (Artist/Client)
Christopher Alvarez-Hkns (Artist/Client)
Neptunian Haze (Artist/Client)
Laura Ava (Artist/Client)
Alexa Neavitt (Artist/Client)
Vanessa Bieler (Artist/Client)
Brandon Brando Zahursky (Artist/Client)
Tanner D. Gardner (Artist/Client)
Jennifer Robyn Laskey (Client/Consultant)
Jen Lieberman (Client/Consultant)
Evan Duning (Client/Consultant)
Chris Isaacson (Client/Consultant)
Sarah Elizabeth (Client/Consultant)
Benji Lanpher (Client/Consultant)
Alanna Polcyn (Client/Consultant)
Darvina Plante (Client/Consultant)
Jonah Wilson (Client/Consultant)
Chiara Cortesano (Client/Consultant)
Nick Jordan (Client/Consultant)
Wes Pingree (Client/Consultant)
Bri Seeley (Client/Consultant)
Mike Stribling (Client/Consultant)
Partial partner/client list: LA Canvas, VH1, MTV, Glamour Magazine, Clear Channel, Red Bull, Grace-US, Nylon Magazine, Pac-Sun, H&M, Prologue Pictures, Ford Models, LA Models, Elte Models, KIIS FM, ESPN. Rolling Stone, SBE, W Hotels, AV Nightclub, Aventine Hollywood, Warwick Nightclub, Sayers Club Hollywood, Sayers Club Vegas, Sound Station, CelebrityJabber, Theodore Leaf, Angel City Brewing, Firestone Brewing, Patron, Cuervo, Dos Equis, Crown Royal, Grey Goose, Purple Magazine, Brett Erickson, Trends By Chance, Lisa D’Amato, LiveFast Magazine, Playboy, Levi’s, Gap, Target, Birkenstock, Mango, Gap, Nike, Vans, Surf Relik