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this limited edition of “SAVE THE GINGERS" (first edition) is SOLD OUT (no longer in print) only Amazon full size left. Order on Amazon link at bottom: is a fine arts compilation of natural redheads (aka Gingers) photographed by Beau Pollock published in 2014 in a coffee table book-type format. ( small version is 8”x8” hardcover is SOLD OUT full size 11”x14” coffee table book is $99 on Amazon only) It aims to promote Gingers as possessors of a unique and beautiful variation of natural human hair color, not only to be praised for its beauty, but celebrated for its relative rareness. We know how kids can tease and bully others with any unique traits or features, and perhaps the mere publication and distribution of this book will change that, not only for the Ginger children, but for all children and adults with unique hair and/or skin types. The title is a play on the urban legend that natural red hair is a recessive gene and is becoming extinct. The philanthropic aspect of this publication and related social media outlets is simply to bring together beautiful Gingers from around the world, rejoice in their individuality, proudly promote their heritage and possibly encourage further natural genetic replication. 10% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to national anti-bullying campaigns. 

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lifelong edition FOR SALE still here:

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